Leyla Kabban and her team of supervisors are kind, professional, and 100% focused on providing a safe and healthy environment for the children.  I used Ms. Kabban’s services for 14 months, which I am told is an exceptionally long time to have to be supervised, thanks to Covid and courts pretty much shutting down last year.  Ms. Kabban and her team were 100% on time and prepared.  She was always accessible to help mediate issues between my ex and I that would have ended up costing me an ungodly amount of money had I gone through the lawyers for basic issues. But most importantly, my children genuinely liked Ms. Kabban and her team of supervisors and it felt natural when they were supervising me.  There is enough pressure on the supervised parent to begin with, Ms. Kabban and her team completely minimize that pressure and make the experience feel natural.  From a professional standpoint, her reports are spot on and she is well respected in the family law industry in San Diego and within the San Diego Court systems.  She was instrumental in my fight to get the custody I hoped for.  If it weren’t for Ms. Kabban’s reputation, excellent reporting, and her commitment to honesty, I would not have gotten the 50/50 physical and legal custody I hoped for and ultimately got.

Kami H. (Visiting Parent)

Ms. Kabban, Is a professional but not just professional. She cares about children. That’s what really means the world to me. It’s a business I understand but her focus is children come first and you can see it .
Leyla has always run her business  in my dealings with her with integrity. She respects both parents and tries to keep all focus on making the child happy.
Leyla has always been on time, always prepared and always focused on the bottom line: the children.
Her staff are professional, nice and warm hearted. I’m glad I had the pleasure to meet her and her staff. They were always fair and never took sides. You have always run your business with a warm heart and a set of rules and guidelines that any responsible parent would have no problem following.
101 visitation solutions is the best choice if you want to find integrity, honesty and children being the top priority.

Damon A. (Residential Parent)

 am going through a very high conflict custody dispute and have been accused of everything by the other parent.  Leyla was my monitor for more than a year and was very impartial towards both parents which I was impressed by.  I had an all inclusive deal where I paid a flat fee which included a report for each visit. The reports were very matter of fact without any bias and / or opinion whatsoever. She simply reported what she  and / or her staff witnessed.  Leyla continually invests in herself with continuing education and is one of the few monitoring companies that is 100% in compliance with all the new rules and laws in regards to monitoring.  Leyla has a very public story of why she became a monitor. She doesn’t do it for the money. She does it for the kids as she doesn’t want to see other children go through what her children did. Additionally, if you knew anything about Leyla, you would know she actually performs a lot of pro bono work for families that simply don’t have the financial means to hire a monitoring company.

I understand that many of the negative reviews are from parents that simply didn’t get the results they were expecting. The nature of Leyla’s business is inherent to making one or both parent(s) unhappy as supervised visitation is court ordered due to one or both parents not playing by the rules, allegations of violence, substance abuse , etc. The reasons these supervised visits are court ordered become apparent  rather quickly once one or both parents’ behavior shows itself during visits and Leyla’s company documents this. She simply does her job and does it very well. She will not make every client happy especially if you are the client that won’t do what it takes to help their children have a healthy, both mentally and physically, relationship with both parents.

Leyla has decades of experience and has seen EVERYTHING. She knows how to deal with extremely high conflict cases and will help you with yours. She is very honest, fair, and grounded.  If you know you are the parent that wants to foster a relationship with your child and is willing to put your child first at whatever cost, Leyla is the one for you.

Greg S. (Visiting Parent)

Leyla and her team have done an amazing job with our family. They provide a safe environment for the children, who are already dealing with a lot more than they should at their age. The reporting is in line with the agreement we go over and sign at orientation. When they say the children are their first priority, they mean it. They want to make sure the visits are as comfortable as they can be for the children. Our children loved Leyla and they were really sad when the other party decided to stop using her services.  I would recommend her services to anyone in this situation, she is compassionate, professional and you will know your children are in good hands when you leave them with her. Thank you!

Vera T. (Residential Parent)

If you are looking for a Court approved monitor in Southern California, Leyla and her team are at the top of their game, and do their best to make everyone comfortable in the confines of a difficult situation; I’ve recommended their services for many years, and would do so for many years in the future.

Chris P. (Family Law Attorney)

Leyla and her staff were awesome. They were all very professional, serious and helpful. They played a critical role for my family and I couldn’t imagine how things might have turned out without their help. Everyone was responsive and kind. There were no issues with her staff, they were on time, involved but allowed the family to interact as naturally as possible. I was amazed at the job they did and could only imagine how difficult their jobs could be. I highly recommend their service and couldn’t think of anyone better to help your family if you are in need of a professional monitor. Thank you very much.

Matt P. (Visiting Parent)

Leyla Kabban and her team of monitors have done an excellent job on our case. Leyla was able to work well with both Dad and myself, helping us agree on a suitable schedule.

The daily notes are on point. Leyla and her staff have treated both the father and I with ultimate respect. Her monitors were outstanding, well-trained and professional.

I highly recommend working with Leyla Kabban and her company if you need any help with supervised visits or exchanges.

Sara B. (Residential Parent)

Had a great experience with Layla as my monitor and would recommend her to anyone who has to deal with difficult visitations or drop offs.

Ted F. (Visiting Parent)

All the staff at 101 Visitation Solutions, including and especially Ms. Leyla Kabban are the most professional and compassionate group of people in this arena. They understand the needs of every family they help and they are always there for the best interest of the children, no matter the situation. I highly recommend them. Thanks for all you do!

Araceli M. (Family Law Attorney)

They have been very responsive and professional. My daughter and I visit there location and we spend time together. I read to her and we walk around. The staff is nice too and it makes it easier on me as it’s not ideal situation for us but they make it as smooth as possible.

Paul P. (Visiting Parent)

The children really admired Leyla. She set realistic boundaries for both Dad and the kids at the beginning of the visit.  I heard her tell the children that her “only rule” was that she expected everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect.

Thank you,

Ellen K: (Residential Parent)