Marnie is the Director of Operations for 101 Visitation Solutions.  Marnie has worked in social services since 2006 from Child Welfare Services to Family Law. She has extensive training in all aspects of human development, supervised visitations, court orders, is culturally sensitive, an expert witness and is an active member of Supervised Visitation Network International in good standing.

Marnie believes in the value of the family unit, healthy development for children, adolescence, and adults. She firmly upholds being a neutral third party and enjoys meeting people where they are at and encourages growth and development.

Marnie is our direct point of contact for all Staff, Clients, Attorneys, Family Court Service Counselors, Minor’s Counselors and Therapists. She oversees our staff, the scheduling, memorandums, orders, training and accounts for 101 Visitation Solutions.

When Marnie is not working, she is with her family, grandchildren, and friends. She enjoys outdoors, hot springs, and riding in the desert.